CanDo Laundry Services


Exceptional Workwear Laundry Services Makes Your Organisation Just As Exceptional.

How do you make sure that your people are dressed and fit for the job – well protected, professional, clean and hygienic? Whether your industry insists on protective clothing that conforms to strict standards or you simply want to bring your corporate identity to life through your workwear, we can launder your garments to unbeatable standard – and make sure that they stay clean and fresh every day.

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We pay meticulous attention to all those little details. The small but vital touches that make such a big difference.  All the things that go together to add up to an exceptional laundry service for discerning people like you and your staff.

All the things that go together to add up to an exceptional workwear laundry service for discerning people like you and your customers. You’ll see it first in the extensive range of chemicals we use resulting in the unbeatable fresh quality of our laundry. It’s in our quality control when we check every piece of linen by hand and every garment as it comes out of our machines.

We know that attention to detail is everything.

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Your Unique, So Are We…

Things have certainly moved on a bit since we opened our doors in 2012. But one thing hasn’t changed. When it comes to laundry, what you need is different from anyone else. That’s why we won’t just take what we’ve got and try to fit you in. We’ll start the other way round. The right way round. We’ll start with you. We’ll put your requirements first and fit our services around you.

How Else Can We Help?

Let’s think about the first impression that people get the moment they step through your doors. How can we help you create the right impression? How can we help you keep things clean, safe and hygienic? Mats are a good place to start. You’ll want the ones in your reception area to be personalised to reflect your company brand – as well as keeping your floors free from dust and the dirt of the outside world.

Further inside you might need anti-slip mats around wash hand basins, anti-static mats to prevent shocks, and anti-fatigue mats to reduce the strain of standing for long periods. Of course we can clean them too – as part of your regular collection and delivery service.

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How about lockers or dirty workwear laundry bins? No-one wants to see piles of dirty  workwear clothes. We can install locker banks and workwear laundry bins in the right size to suit you. Your staff simply take out clean clothes to wear, and then put them in a workwear laundry service bin when they’re dirty for collection. We collect them, wash and press them, and return them to the designated shelving every week.

For your kitchen we can supply tea towels, oven cloths and chef wear.