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Workwear done

How do you make sure that your people are dressed and fit for the job – well protected, professional, clean and hygienic?

Whether your industry insists on protective clothing that conforms to strict standards or you simply want to bring your corporate identity to life through your workwear, we can launder your garments to unbeatable standard – and make sure that they stay clean and fresh every day.

It's The Little Things...

We pay meticulous attention to all those little details. The small but vital touches that make such a big difference to your organisation. 

You’ll see it first in our bleach free washing technology that allows us to provide you with unbeatable fresh quality at cool water temperatures. We check every piece of your workwear by hand to ensure your people are safe and protected.

We know that attention to detail is everything.

Why CanDo?

You keep your people safe and protected when you choose a workwear laundry service like ours. We ensure you operate to the latest regulations in your industry.

Nothing quite beats a first impression of your entire team wearing brilliantly clean garments. First impressions are lasting impressions. 

We’re officially the 9th Best Industrial Laundry Worldwide. Rest assured you’re in safe hands.

We understand people come and go in the world of business. Your requirements can change and we’re right beside you every step of the way.

Washing Technology that is

We’re one of the only laundries in the UK to provide hygienically clean textiles at cool water temperatures. Every piece of workwear your people wear will be cleaned to a medical grade standard.

Space age technology that provides you with unbelievable cleaning results whilst reducing your impact to the environment.

You're Unique, So Are We

When it comes to laundry, what you need is different from anyone else. That’s why we won’t just take what we’ve got and try to fit you in. We’ll start the other way round. The right way round. We’ll start with you. We’ll put your requirements first and fit our services around you.

How Else Can We Help?

An all inclusive, managed workwear and laundry service the ensures your workforce is utilising high quality workwear, whilst allowing you to control your budget more effectively.

No need for large capital investments, we’ve got you covered.

Lockers ensure you maintain a clean and professional environment.

Lockers help reduce theft and provide an efficient process to any organisation to manage the collection and distribution of workwear.

We supply an array of garments and PPE to suit your requirements.
We support your requirements by providing our clean & repair service.

We provide a total solution for organisation’s that own their own workwear. We ensure your garments are cleaned to the highest standard and are always fit for purpose via our efficient repair service.


Choosing the right laundry partner is more important than ever with COVID-19.