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COVID19 Laundry Procedures

COVID19 is an unprecedented time for us all, and in light of this we have developed immediate procedures to take the necessary precautions.  

It’s vital to share best practices in order to combat this deadly virus to provide a vital service to many organisations during this time. That’s why we have created  5 COVID19 Laundry Procedures:

5 COVID19 Laundry Procedures

  1. Disposable gloves and aprons are used when cleaning rooms and public areas.
  2. All soiled linen is placed inside a plastic bag. (Even if you use cages. Use plastic bags before placing bags in a cage).
  3. Do not have any loose soiled textiles on site. Place them in a plastic bag and ensure you contact your laundry provider to collect and process the linen as soon as possible.
  4. Soiled linen is stored in a separate room/space from clean linen.
  5. Any textiles being cleaned onsite must achieve a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 3 minutes to achieve thermal decontamination.

Read More: Decontamination of Linen for Health and Social Care (HTM 01-04)

Further and in-depth information regarding the decontamination of linen can be found by following the link to the government published document detailing the HTM 01-04 guidelines.

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