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6 Benefits Outsourcing Laundry & Linen


Labour costs are one of the most expensive for any business therefore by outsourcing laundry to an external commercial laundry and linen provider, you’re making a smart business decision as your team can be deployed to other areas of the business. Plus, if someone is sick, you don’t have to spend countless hours in front of the ironer.

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Lacking space in your business? We all know that laundry takes up a lot of space and storage. By outsourcing laundry to a commercial laundry and linen provider you are allowing your business to utilise this space for an alternative use. An additional bedroom, spa, office space…..the list is endless!

Outsourcing Laundry


By choosing a rental agreement with CanDo you’re eliminating the worry regarding maintenance and supply of your linen.  We remove your headaches and worries. With our excellent system we can calculate and advise your organisation on how many pieces of linen you may require on rental.

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Outsourcing to a commercial laundry and linen provider means an efficient turnaround for your linen, which also means that your soiled linen won’t be sitting around longer than it needs to. Chemistry is a big part of any laundering process. We’re expertly trained to deal with all types of stains.

Outsourcing to CanDo allows you to have a piece of mind as you know your linen will be washed and delivered in economical time and speed.


As the 17th Best Laundry Worldwide, CanDo’s standards are hard to beat. As a reliable business, CanDo ensures that all linen is persistently serviced to the highest quality standard, ensuring the sweetest dreams for your guests.

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When you need the support of your laundry partner, that’s when you experience the true value of service. We understand that vital role linen has to play in your organisation. We strive to ensure linen and laundry simply fades into the background of your operation. Allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business.

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