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3 Benefits of a Reusable Face Cover

Covid-19 can spread when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. With a reusable face cover it helps to prevent the droplets from landing on surfaces as well as being inhaled by others. This is why it was recommended by the British Government that the public should wear face covers in confined areas such as public transport and when social distancing is difficult.

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Reusable Face Covers

As face masks are in high demand, the British government has recommended that the public wear a reusable face cover instead of face masks, to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

1. How They Help to Protect You

Although face covers are there to protect others, it can also help protect you in a certain way. We have told time and time again since the beginning of the pandemic that we must wash our hands and not touch our face. This is sometimes easier said than done. Wearing a face cover helps you protect your face from your potentially infected hands as your mouth and nose are covered.

2. How They Help Protect Others

The main benefit of face covers is that it helps protect others. Although face covers won’t eliminate you catching the virus, it could prevent you spreading it to your family and friends. The idea is if everyone wore face covers in confined spaces, it will reduce cross-contamination. Some individuals are A-symptomatic and do not have the usual symptoms such as coughing. If you have Covid-19, but don’t realise it yet, wearing a face cover can help protect others from infection.

3. How Reusable Face Covers Saves The Planet

Face overs are recommended in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in confined spaces. It is important to note that face covers can help protect the public, but only if it used correctly. You must clean face covers correctly in order to ensure it is most effective in protecting others. SafeFace (manufacturers of face covers) recommends that face covers are washed before use, as well as after each subsequent use of the mask.

Reusable face covers are sustainable and environmentally friendly as they are washable and saves landfill.

Make the conscious decision to protect the environment.  

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